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Why Freestyle Staff?

Freestyle Staff is an art form and discipline like no other.

Combining the best technical Baton Manipulation with Martial Arts and Performance Arts, Freestyle Staff takes Staff Spinning to a whole new level. 

By systematically breaking down each skill into it's most basic progressions and mechanics, students learn complex skills with surprising speed and efficiency.  

Whether you are a hobbiest, performer, martial artist, flow artist or cosplayer, Freestyle Staff has something for you!  

Develop Your Skills

Access new levels of fitness and strength!  Increase your body awareness with stimulating and focused staff spinning training.  

Improve Your Mind

Activate your mind in a fun and exciting way! Develop your mental toughness and health with precise body movements and control.

Badass Community Vibes

You’re not alone! Join a community of badass staff spinning enthusiasts honing their talent in real life and online.

Who is Michelle C. Smith?


Since I was 5 years old, I have been training to create a level of mastery around a very unique and highly valuable skill of Staff Spinning/Weapons Manipulation.

This training is an asset that I use every day at work and in life, with or without a staff in my hands! 
As a World Champion Baton Twirler, turned professional stunt woman, martial artist and educator, I have seen the immense benefits that 30 years of training with various tools, weapons, and movement has gifted me...


More About Me

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What's Inside:

All Access Academy


Learn the Most Essential and Foundational Techniques of Staff Spinning from the very beginning!

  • 35+ Staff Spinning Tutorials
  • Practice Guide & Worksheets
  • Daily & Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Access to Courses
  • And MORE!
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Essentials Courses 

$99 USD

Learn the ESSENTIAL skills, master your mind and feel like a BADASS with these fun, challenging, and satisfying Freestyle Staff courses!  

  • One Time Purchase
  • Video & Combo Tutorials
  • Worksheets and Practice Guide
  • And MORE!
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Combo Courses

$24.99 USD

  Learn badass combos from start to finish.  Break down each skill individually and then learn how to put them all together.

  • One Time Purchase
  • Video & Combo Tutorials
  • Worksheets and Practice Guide
  • And MORE!
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Leslie Stark

"I’m a hooper, so playing with a big stick is fun, challenging, and allows me to challenge my hoop practice in interesting ways. I come from a place of flow arts, and this is more fight-oriented (…)and so I’m feeling like a bit of a badass, which is awesome!"

Tyler Cotton

“I came into it with little to no experience with any staff work, and the whole experience has been amazing. Michelle offers such a great open environment to mess up, drop the staff, hit yourself in the face with it, pick it up and keep it going”


“Started off because I wanted to try something new, and I ended up taking all 18 classes. Michelle is amazing, she teaches everything step by step so that it's easy to understand and replicate. I was able to know things that I never thought I was able to do."

Erin Neil 

“I came in with no knowledge, and Michelle broke it down in really easy steps. It looks intimidating, but it really isn’t. And it's become this fun thing to do now (...) I can do it to feel empowered”


I went from Beginner to Intermediate, and I really feel like it's coming together, that I’m starting to link and piece the moves together. It’s a great workout. I feel like I sweat a lot..”

Kevin Li

“Michelle is able to breakdown all the basics fundamentals and the language so that I was able to put them all together and form my own combos”


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